Master Airbrush Brand Airbrush Quick Release Disconnect Coupler with Plug 1/8 in. BSP Male and Female Hose Connections

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Airbrush Quick Release Disconnect Coupler makes it possible to quickly change brushes and is great addition to any Cerakote or DuraCoat shop.


The Airbrush Quick Release Disconnect Coupler includes the male and female 1/8 fittings and allows you to quickly disconnect your airbrush to change brushes, or removal for cleaning.

Why We Love it!

This is an absolute must have.  Tape your threads once and connect the fittings.  Once installed, you can remove your brush from the system anytime you want without having to stop and re-tape and re-connect.  We use these on every brush as well as both ends of our braided airline allowing for quick change capability of the airline and/or the brushes at anytime.  This also allows the airbrush to swivel on the airline prevent kinks which disrupt airflow and can damage the airline.