Swpeet 100Pcs High Temp Silicone Rubber Protective Tapered Plug Assortment Kit, Masking System Kit Perfect for Powder Coating, Painting, Anodizing, Plating & Media Blasting

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Rubber Plugs are essential for plugging barrels, chambers, holes, and other unique locations for Cerakote, DuraCoat and other spray application.


These rubber plugs are made of high quality silicon that wont crack or shrink and can handle high temperature back cycles.  The tapered design of the stopper style plugs allows them to fit a variety of different hole sizes.

Why We Love it!

The Silicon Rubber Plugs are perfect for keeping paints and coatings out of undesirable areas of your projects.  We use them for barrels, chambers, threaded holes, and more.  Being heat resistant makes them great for handling the bake cycles when heat curing coatings such as Cerakote, DuraCoat, and Moly Resin, but also for submersion when Parkerizing.