Battle Flag Stencil B (Waving)



The Battle Flag of the Confederate States was created to differentiate sides on the battle field because the "official" flag of the southern opposition bear to close a resemblance to the union banner. The flag is not a representation of racial inequality, nor does it have much at all to do with slavery. The formation of the confederacy and succession from the union was powered by southern aristocrats who felt that the northern political agenda was taking major steps towards tyranny. The Battle Flag of the confederacy stood, and still stands today for many, as a symbol of rights, freedom, and the will to stand up to a tyrannical government. Whether the Confederacy was right or wrong matters not. The symbolism still stands and holds an important message in our countries history that was bought and paid for with the blood of 620,000 Americans. With respect to the sacrifices of the patriots before us, we offer this confederate Battle Flag stencil, not as a symbol of inequality as the leftist extremists wish you to believe, but as it has always stood, as a symbol of freedom and tyrannical defiance.

  • Perfect for use on Firearms, Airsoft & Paintball Weapons, Tumbler Cups, and More!!!
  • Multiple size options; 2.5" Wide, 4" Wide, 6" Wide.
  • Stencils are machine cut on High Quality, Heat Resistant, Low Tach Adhesive Vinyl, Non Reusable Paint Mask
  • Perfect for use with Cerakote, DuraCoat, KG Gunkote, Krylon, Acid Etching, Polymer Stippling, and More!
  • Stencil comes Un-Weeded allowing you the option to use the positive or negative components for your application.
  • We recommend utilizing Transfer Tape for ease of use.