Army Air Corps Insignia




The Army Air Corps originated from the Army Air Service and was the military aviation service of the United States of America from 1926 to 1941 when it became the Army Air Forces and eventually the United States Air Force in 1947.  The first national insignia was adopted in May of 1917.  The design is a five pointed White star with a Red center dot and circumscribed in a blue circle.  This design was painted on the top and bottom of the wings as well as both sides of the fuselage of all army aircraft.  In 1918, a policy was established for all units to create a simple but easily identifiable insignia to be painted on the fuselage leaving the wings solely bearing the Army Air Corps Insignia.  At the outset of WWII, it was determined that enemy fighters could spot and fixate on the red dot at the center of the insignia.  By May of 1942, the Red dots had been painted over leaving the the lone White star in the Blue circle. 


  • Perfect for use on Firearms, Airsoft & Paintball Weapons, Tumbler Cups, and More!!!
  • Multiple size options; .75" Wide, 1" Wide, 1.5" Wide, 2" Wide, 3" Wide.
  • The stencils comes with the main insignia which works great for two tone work, as well as a solid mask.  This mask is sized to mask the full insignia for multi color projects.
  • Stencils are machine cut on High Quality, Heat Resistant, Low Tach Adhesive Vinyl, Non Reusable Paint Mask
  • Perfect for use with Cerakote, DuraCoat, KG Gunkote, Krylon, Acid Etching, Polymer Stippling, and More!
  • Stencil comes Un-Weeded allowing you the option to use the positive or negative components for your application.
  • We recommend utilizing Transfer Tape for ease of use.