Do you offer custom stencils?

Custom stencils are offered on a case by case basis.  We would need the design provided as a high resolution, black and white (not greyscale), JPEG file.  We would also need to know the quantity desired, and dimensions.  Inquiries/ requests may be submitted to: info@freedomstencils.com for consideration.

Can the stencils handle high temperatures?

Yes.  Our stencils can handle appropriate bake cycles and are ideal for use with heat cured products such as Cerakote and Duracoat. Flash curing is recommended.

What is flash curing?

Flash curing is a low temp quick cure.  We recommend 180'-200' for 5-10 minutes for both DuraCoat and Cerakote.  This can vary depending on how thick you applied your coating.  This process is intended to cure the coating enough to be able to handle the project, but not so much that it risks ruining the stencils.

Are the stencils male or female?

Our stencils do not come weeded leaving you the option to utilize the male or female portions as desired.

Why are the stencils peeling up my coating?

The stencils are cut on a low tach vinyl.  If the coating is binding stronger to the vinyl than it is to the object being coated, the surface was most likely not prepped well enough. 

When will my order ship?

Orders generally ship the next business day.  In some cases, an order may ship the same day if it is placed early enough in the day.

How long is shipping?

Stencils are shipped the next business day via USPS.  Shipping time varies depending on options selected at checkout.  Priority Shipping generally takes 2-3 business days (domestic).  First Class can take 3-5 business days (domestic). 

My order says it was delivered but I did not receive it.

Order delivery notifications are automatically sent when the carrier scans the package upon delivery.  If you did not receive the package, it was most likely delivered to the wrong address.  We encourage you to check with your neighbors as soon as possible as more often than not, this is the resolve.  If this isn't successful, please contact your local USPS carrier with the provided tracking number.


Do you offer Military/ LE discounts?

We treasure our military and public service employees more than most would ever understand.  Our very company was established on days off from military, EMS, and fire service careers.  That said, it is extremely difficult to provide or verify ones credentials and doing so delays the transaction.  Additionally, the discounted savings would be much the same as our other promotions.  Therefore, we encourage customers to follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter to take advantage of the discount codes that come available there.  If you still prefer to seek a military or public service discount, please email proof of service to info@freedomstencils.com.  We will always strive to take care of our Military, Law Enforcement, EMS, and Fire Service family!

Do you offer bulk discounts?

Yes, we have coupon codes available on our Bulk Discounts page, Free First Class Shipping for orders over $10, Free Priority Shipping for orders over $100, as well as many other discount codes available frequently for subscribers of our mailing list or often posted on our social media accounts.

Missing Items?

We will not say that missing items cant happen, however we have a very detailed inventory tracking system to ensure validity of such incidents.  Any and all claims of missing items will be cross checked with our inventory for discrepancies.  Do not attempt to contact us for stencils you ruined during use, or would like a larger quantity of, with claims of not receiving them at all.

Lost or Missing Package?

We are responsible for making the product and shipping it out in a timely manner.  We are not a shipping carrier and are not responsible for the package once it has been turned over to the carrier.  If your tracking information shows the package to be lost, you must contact your local USPS office with your tracking information to resolve the issue or file a claim.

Do you offer any other shipping options?

Sorry, our Stencils are shipped in rigid flat mailers to help protect them during shipping.

Do you offer International Shipping?

Yes.  We currently offer shipping to several countries however, if your location isn't enabled, please email us at info@freedomstencils.com and we will work with you!

Do you offer any Free Shipping Options?

Yes.  We currently offer Free First Class Shipping on orders exceeding $10, and Free Priority Shipping on orders exceeding $100.

I just want the digital files for your products so I can make them on my own?

Yes, and I want the recipe for Pepsi so I don't have to buy it anymore either.