ABEST Smart Model Hobby Parts Holder Airbrush Paint Spray Gun Booth Holder - Six Alligator Clip Stand

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The ABEST Smart Model Hobby Parts Holder is a great option for Cerakoting, DuraCoating, etc. small parts. 


The Airbrush Hobby Parts Holder comes with 6 adjustable and flexible alligator clips on rods with a base holder. The parts holder allows you to keep your hands free and clean while airbrushing for fast, repeatable work.

Why We Love it!

Much like the Airbrush Model Parts Holder, the alligator clips are great for securing small parts for spraying.  The clips on this model are secured to flexible rods allowing you to position or maneuver the parts exactly where you want them for spraying. If your Cerakote or DuraCoat project require you to spray small parts, this is a tool worth considering!