Freemasons Symbol Stencil B

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  • Multiple size options; 1.5" Wide, 3" Wide
  • Machine cut for clean lines and professional results
  • Heat resistant vinyl is great for flash curing & low temp bake cycles
  • Low Tach Adhesive (Non-reusable paint mask) prevents underspray
  • Stencils are perfect for use with Cerakote, DuraCoat, KG Gunkote, Krylon, Acid and Electro Etching, and More!
  • Stencil comes Un-Weeded allowing you the option to use the positive or negative components for your application.
  • We recommend utilizing Transfer Tape for ease of use.



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    Ted L.
    United States
    Using Freedom Stencils for glass etching

    Very good results. Great care must be taken in handling the stencil. Transfer tape is applied to the face and gently rubbed on. No air bubbles should remain. The stencil with transfer tape applied, and stencil backing still in place, is placed into final position on the glass. Some means of locating stencil into exact position is made, such as erasable pencil marks on the glass, or small pieces of tape applied to guide into place. Clean and polish glass to remove any trace of dirt, grease etc. Peel backing from stencil and place into position. -Gently- press out any air bubbles. Make sure that the edges of the vinyl are securely attached to the glass to prevent the etching chemical from creeping under. I use "Armour Etch", there may be other brands. Use as directed. Be safe, this is nasty stuff. No children or potentially careless people should be nearby. Using a small soft artists brush, apply a layer of the goo to all areas to be etched. Make it about 1/8" thick. After about one minute, brush the chemical around all areas, leaving again a thick layer. Do this for about 12 minutes. Then you can collect the goo on the brush and wipe it back into the bottle. Then take the piece to a sink and rinse with cold water under a gentle stream, no splashing. You want this to go straight down the drain. Use the brush and rinsing to remove all goo. When satisfied that it is clean blot with paper towel or clean cloth. Hold up to light. If you see any areas that did not etch well, you can see through there, repeat process in those areas. When satisfied, peel off the stencil and admire your work.