Iwata-Medea Eclipse HP CS Dual Action Airbrush Gun / Gravity Feed

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The Iwata-Medea Eclipse HP CS Dual Action Airbrush has long been the gold standard of artistic airbrushes.  These are of very high quality, and a great airbrush for the serious artist.


The Iwata Eclipse is gravity fed from a 1/3 oz fixed reservoir.  It uses a .35mm self centering needle and has cutaway handle and a double action trigger for maximum control.  It is capable of patterns from hairline to 2".

Why We Love It

We love the Iwata Eclipse for detailed work.  This airbrush can achieve fine details even with thicker products such as DuraCoat and Cerakote.  The clean, well thought out design makes cleaning and maintaining it much simpler than similar brushes.  Being a double action (depressing the trigger to get airflow, manipulating the trigger laterally to flow product), takes much more skill and does add a learning curve, but the artistic capabilities the Iwata Eclipse Airbrush adds is well worth it!


The Iwata Eclipse airbrush is the go to "artistic" airbrush.  If you are painting detailed projects especially with thicker paints or coatings such as Cerakote and DuraCoat, the Iwata Eclipse is the airbrush to get.