Master Airbrush Brand Set of 3 Airbrush Quick Release Coupler Plugs with 1/8 in. BSP Female Thread Connections and 5mm Male Nipple Tails (Quick Connect Coupler Not Included)

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If you are using the Quick Release Disconnect Couplers (which you should be!!!), then the Airbrush Quick Coupler 3 Pack is great expansion. 


The Airbrush Quick Coupler 3 pack includes 3 more male 1/8 fittings allowing you to outfit up to 3 more brushes.

Why We Love it!

If you are running or going to run multiple brushes, then you will need this Quick Coupler 3 Pack.  It allows you to put 3 more brushes in service by adding the male coupler to the bottom of them enabling you to quickly disconnect one brush from the system, and plug another one in.  This is great not only for color changes when using multiple brushes, but if you have an airbrush start acting up, you can simply drop it out for an in service brush to finish the project and evaluate it later on your own terms.  Adding quick couplers to your system is truly in valuable!