Podoy Airbrush Cleaning Kit Spray Wash Cleaning Pot Stabilizer Jar Bottles Holder with Cleaning Tools Needle Nozzle Brush

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If you are going to have an airbrush, then you are going to need an Airbrush Cleaning Kit! 


This airbrush cleaning kit features cleaning needles, pipe cleaners, and a cleaning pot with airbrush holder.

Why We Love it!

This kit is a must have.  We use the cleaning pot as a mobile airbrush holder in the spray area.  Its stable, and can hold any of our favorite airbrushes such as the PointZero's or the Iwata's.  During color changes or cleaning flushes at the end, you can shoot solution right into the pot.  The pipe cleaners and cleaning needles are commonly sized for airbrush orifices making it easy to clean out any clots or gunk that may build up.


The cleaning pot/ airbrush holder is a great mobile airbrush holder for use in the spray area.