PointZero Single-action 22cc Siphon-feed Airbrush Set - 0.8mm Nozzle

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The PointZero Single Action Airbrush is a great Airbrush for Cerakote and DuraCoat application.


The Single Action Airbrush means that when the trigger is activated, the air and paint flow at the same time.  This is much simpler to operate than a two stage airbrush.  This airbrush atomizes the medium outside the tip which makes it less prone to clogging.  The pattern is adjustable 1/4" up to 2" and is set by rotating the collar near the nozzle.  Included are 2 22cc glass jar reservoirs and an airline.

Why We Love it!

The PointZero Single Action Airbrush is very simple to operate, inexpensive, and durable.  Its a siphon feed airbrush meaning the paint or coating is suctioned up from one of the 2 included glass reservoirs attached underneath the airbrush.  The jars are great for coatings that require mixing like Cerakote, Duracoat, etc. because you can do it right in the jars.  Cleaning and maintenance of the airbrush is also simple as their are really only 2 pieces on the brush itself that need to be cleaned.  The simplicity of the design makes it hard to kill.  You will be surprised at what it will spray! 


We highly recommend the PointZero Single Action Airbrush for any and all utility work in smaller locations or where more control is required than a Mini HVLP can offer.  The 1/4" to 2" pattern versatility means you can use it effectively to lay base coats on medium sized projects like receivers, stocks, tumblers, ammo cans, etc., but also spray finer areas and smaller details like the shadow elements of patterns like Riptile Camouflage. 

The PointZero Airbrush will probably get used more than any other sprayer in your shop!  (Note: We forego the included airline for the braided style and use quick disconnect couplers)