SuperMore 6-Ft Braided Airbrush Air Hose Standard 1/8" - 1/4" Adapter Suit for Airbursh Kit 3 in 1

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A Braided Airbrush Hose is highly recommended for any airbrushing setup.  


Though offered in many sizes, this braided airbrush hose comes in 6ft length which allows enough easy movement and reach without becoming too cumbersome.  The ends are 1/8 connection and it comes with a 1/8 to 1/4 adapter.

Why We Love it!

Most included airline hoses aren't very robust and will spring leaks or burst at some point.  There is nothing worse than your airline going down in the middle of a project.  Additionally, the cheaper airlines aren't very free moving.  When its time to spray, the brush should be an extension of your hand and have the least amount of restriction as possible. The braided airbrush hose is is flexible and durable without dictating your movements.  Combo this with Quick Detach Couplings for the perfect setup!