Tamiya America, Inc Model Stand, TAM74522

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If you spray small parts, or even tumbler cups, the Tamiya America Inc. Model Stand can be a nice addition to your setup. 


The Tamiya stand has a built in turntable which is nice for spinning parts quickly to evenly spray from all angles.  It includes a spring catch for holding uniquely shaped parts, and a several spring clips for small parts.

Why We Love it!

The turntable style base works well for coating the occasional tumbler cup or for doing small parts.  Its great for getting your project up off the table or surface where over spray and debris may have collected.  The small parts holding feature works well for small projects because you can clip the couple parts into the base and rotate it as you spray them. 

The only downside is the base is plastic so you cant just place the entire setup in the oven after spraying for heat cure products such as Cerakote or DuraCoat.