Sharps Warthog Receiver Stencil

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Our Warthog AR Lower Simple Mask Stencils are specifically designed for use on the Sharps Bros Warthog 15 Receiver. This stencil makes it fast and easy to mask off key areas of the receiver when painting.


  • Simplifies masking off key areas of the Warthog Receiver.
  • The Stencil comes with mask shapes for the Snout, Eyes, Teeth, Mouth, and Jaws.
  • Stencils are machine cut on High Quality, Heat Resistant, Low Tach Adhesive Vinyl, Non Reusable Paint Mask
  • Perfect for use with Cerakote, DuraCoat, KG Gunkote, Krylon, Acid Etching, Polymer Stippling, and More!


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